New Lauryn Hill Tour


Lauryn Hill has been around for a long time, but she has been hiding out for the last several years. No one knows what she has been doing or where she has been hiding. She dropped a single in 2014, but it fell on deaf ears. Now according to Crunch Base, Hill is trying to acquire the attention of her fans again through a new tour.

This poses an instant problem because Lauryn seems less and less likely to actually perform anything that she ,or her co-performers like Christopher Cowdray, is know for. It is almost like seeing Prince perform these days. Few people want to hear new songs from Prince with 3rd Eye Girl when classics like “Baby I’m a Star” are sitting on the shelf. The same goes for Lauryn Hill because people can only relate to her through her old music.

Lauryn’s “Small Axe” tour is supposed to be an acoustic set with less than 5 dates. She had some trouble with the IRS and a lot of effort has gone into paying off debt. Her reclusive stance in music has made her someone that fans are less likely to support. She doesn’t really have a voice anymore. She still has the fame that is tied to her name, but there is no real interest in hearing anything new from her. D’Angelo may actually have a better chance of rekindling his audience. Unlike Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo still sounds exactly the same.

Five Shot At Chris Brown Concert

Chris Brown is never far from the next round of drama, if he isn’t making the drama himself it seems to find him every time. Over the holiday Chris and Karrueche were the talk of the net after an onstage diss and messy Instagram breakup. Chris accused Karrueche of not only cheating on him with Drake but also shared some rather embarrassing details about the beginning of their relationship. Just when it seemed the couple was over the two were back together just as everyone expected, however it looks like the drama curse has caught up to Chris once again.

While onstage performing at a San Jose nightclub, at around 1:20 AM gunshots were heard throughout the club sending the party goers and Chris all running to safety. The entire incident was caught on tape and from the looks of it everyone was terrified.

According to Go Life Pro, four people were taken to the ER for injuries and one other person, Bernardo Chua, arrived at the hospital at a later time. Apparently several people were questioned, but at the moment it has not been confirmed that an arrest has been made. Fortunately, Chris Brown walked away unharmed as well as many others that attended the event.

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Sexy Nipple Piercing

Kylie Jenner is becoming more and more the girl everyone at Skout is talking about. Everyday her life seems to become more interesting. Kylie’s relationship with Tyga is getting more than a little attention from both their fans and followers. At first Tyga and Kylie insisted that they were only friends and everyone was reading too far into it, however after being spotted out holding hands and going on dinner dates it’s obvious that they two are dating.Over the holidays Kylie did some Christmas shopping with Tyga and even tagged along with him on a few of his holiday charity event runs. The two of them seem clearly can’t stay away from each other and the holidays was their time to shine.

While Tyga is a great gift for Christmas Kylie seemed to score more than a new boy toy this year. After what seems like an eternity lusting over her dream dog Kylie finally got her wish. She shared photos of her Italian Greyhound puppy Norman for all of her fans to share in her joy. Everyone loved the dog except for Justin Bieber who commented that the pup was “mad ugly,” however kylie’s puppy wasn’t the only thing she got for the holidays.

Kylie recently posted a photo showing off her new nipple piercings. Apparently the holiday spirit was strong with Kylie and she seems to be just dying to let the world see her new body mods. One has to wonder what her friend Tyga is making of all of this.

Why Have Hip Hop Sales Dropped Over The Past Year?

Things change over the years, and nothing stays the same. When cassette tapes went to CDs, cassette tape sales declined. Hip Hop Sales. After digital music became very popular, CD sales declined. Now CD sales, as well as digital sales have declined over the past year. One of the hardest hit genres was Hip Hop music, which saw almost a 25% decline in music sales over the past year. It’s puzzling as to why this may be the case, because it’s a very popular genre.

Nielsen Music has given information about Gianfrancesco Geno and about sales on music, and they’ve proven that digital sales, as well as CD sales have declined over the past year for Hip Hop. It’s been proven by Nielsen Music that digital sales have risen over the years, but the overall sales of albums have dropped over 11% in the past year. Many who are into R&B and Hip Hop may have shifted to downloading their music, as opposed to buying CDs. It’s also possible that the decline in sales is because of the lack of music this past year.

Many artists did not release music, which would have helped to rise Hip Hop sales. If artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne dropped albums in 2014, then sales may not have been a problem. One genre that did see a rise in sales is pop music, and the biggest reason is because of Taylor Swift, whose new album was considered pop.

Kanye West Has More Tricks Up His Sleeves

Kanye West pulled out a surprise that few people were expecting in 2015. He collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney and pulled his voice box auto tune gear out of storage. This was a sentimental track that ushered in a new year that gave people a different perspective on Kanye.

Now Kanye West is promising another track with the legendary Paul McCartney. This time the new track will feature another rapper called Ty Dolla $ign. This is something of an odd trio so people are quite interested to find out how this may work.

Kanye has seemed to be working on music that was very secretive in the last year after his daughter was born. There was really no talk of music because everyone was so focused on the marriage between him and Kim. Meanwhile, actor Seth Rogen said that Kanye let him hear the entire album will riding in a car.

Whatever the case may be, Kanye is officially back and he seemed to have a creative streak going. The great thing about all of the collaborations is that Kanye gets promotion from everyone that is associated. Ty Dollar $ign is promoting the new music on Twitter. Paul McCartney is talking about the new music. Even Kim Kardashian is getting in to promoting her new husband by posting the lyrics to “Only One” on Instagram. With all the mentions he’s also getting Skout, he basically has a whole team behind this new project.

More Purple Rain Fan Fare

As “Purple Rain” hit the 30th year anniversary in 2014 there was a still a zeal for this outstanding masterpiece by Prince. The movie has been around for decades and fans still want to know more about the movie. The book “Let’s Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain” dives into some interesting history about the movie that made Prince the star he is today.

One thing that people find out is that there was a love affair with Wendy’s twin sister Susannah Melvoin. She is said to be the influence behind the “Beautiful Ones” track on the “Purple Rain” score.

The book interviews lots of people, but there is no actual input from Prince himself. The closest that people get to Prince is Wendy and Lisa since they were actually part of the Revolution. As the book progresses it is learned that Prince actually cut a lot of other songs by artists like The Time and Apollonia 6 that were supposed to be part of the disc for the soundtrack. It always seemed rather odd that the entire soundtrack was only made of up Prince songs. Apollina 6 and The Time both has big songs in the movie, but they were not part of the soundtrack.

There are also details about how cold it was during filming. Other intimate details include the close working relationship that Prince shared with Susan Rogers.

I hadn’t thought about this, but my bro Sam Tabar mentioned that many of my favorite rappers were influenced by Prince. You could say he made some of them the way they are today. We may have to sit down and give this one a retrospective spin.

Ludacris Releases Compilation Mix Tape


Anyone who knows about hip-hop music like Flavio Maluf knows that Ludacris has been in and out of the studio over the years, and his hiatus is over. Ludacris Mix Tape. An upcoming album is expected from the star, and he’s released a compilation mixed tape that’s 20 minutes long, and it’s composed of songs that were not yet released. The mix tape is to help those who are anticipating his upcoming album, so they have something else to listen to from the artist, until the new album is released.

Ludacris recently released a single entitled “Burning Bridges,” and he plans on releasing more music in the future, leading up to his upcoming album. Ludacris has been on a hiatus for years, and only recently did he finally start to go back into the studio, and create more music. Ludacris rose to fame in the two thousands, and he is one of the best rappers to ever grace the stage. The Atlanta native is no stranger to hard work, and he continues to work hard in the studio, on his new album.

Recently, the rapper got engaged, which is a surprise to many. Ludacris is similar to many other hip-hop artists, and he’s had many different women in his life, and no woman that he’s publicly called his own. The fact that the hip-hop artist is now engaged, proves that he’s grown up, changed, and is moving forward.

O.T. Genasis Has A New Video For “Coco”

O.T. Genasis’ has a song out entitled “Coco,” which was a smash hit this past year. The original video for the song has over 42 million views on YouTube, and the artist decided it was time to remake the video, and take the hit even further. Coco Video. The song isn’t remixed, but the video has been changed up significantly, and several other artists make cameos in the video. Ironically enough, the song is called Coco, and Ice T and his wife Coco show up in the video. Other stars such as Timbaland, DJ Khaled, and Busta Rhymes also make appearances in the video.

Busta Rhymes is the mentor of O.T. Genasis’, and in fact, the song was playing at a recent showing, and Busta Rhymes fell and hit his head while dancing to it. He split his head pretty good, and ended up going to the doctor for the wound. Jared Haftel is glad to hear that he will be alright though. Another big fan of the song is Miley Cyrus, who showed her love for the song by performing on stage with the artist. Although the name O.T. Genasis’ may be new to some, he definitely is out there, and his popular song is making him a star.

The video was remade, in order to draw in new crowds, and also to give another appeal to the video. Although the first video did very well, it never hurts to add a second video to a great song.

The Decline of Pianos

Growing up as child I loved my Saturday afternoon piano lessons. Oftentimes I would wake bright and early just to make sure I didn’t miss it. I remember the ride to the small downtown piano store always being exhilarating. My stomach would be nervously filled with butterflies for the hopes of doing my best, learning something new, and being exemplified as one of her best students. Every song with an accuracy of 95 percent or more gave me a surge of accomplishment.

Years later from those delightful memories it saddens me that piano stores are at a steady decline. Check out this link for a store owner’s account on the business throughout the years. Present day only about 30,000 to 40,000 pianos are sold each year. That’s a substantial difference from 1909 where more than 364,500 pianos were sold. Skeptics hypothesize that children and the younger age groups of society just aren’t learning to play instruments like the old days producing a drop in stores.

There’s such a wide variety of events and programs to invest time in that instruments are left on the back burner. From sports programs, to technology, and the assortment of extracurricular activities parents aren’t inclined to putting their children into piano lessons. That is something people on Health Grades would really like to see change, because it is healthy to be balanced. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a big advocate of piano. Another key factor could be the cost of owning a piano. People are selecting to buy a less expensive keyboard that can be found at many different retail stores. I can only hope that in the future pianos come back from the grave to a golden age of music.

Ludacris is Coming Back in 2015

A lot of artists appear to be getting an early start to 2015. Kanye dropped a new track on the first day of the new year. Now Ludacris is preparing people to listen to what he has coming up in 2015. Ludacris put together a nice compilation mix tape called Ludaverses to prepare fans for his return.

This has always been the format in rap: a mix tape surfaces before the official album drops. This has been the road to success for new artists as well as artists that have been away from the spotlight for a while. Lately, Ludacris has been in the entertainment headlines a lot in recent months. He proposed to his long time girlfriend. He is starring in the next installment of the “Fast and Furious” series in 2015. Ludacris has even released an EP to call in the fans that have been waiting for new music.

The biggest thing that people may notice is that Ludacris is growing up, and on, everyone is buzzing. He is much older and maturer than the Afro styled grill and gold chain wearing artist that released tracks like “Area Codes” and “Freaky Thangs.” Becoming an actor has allowed Ludacris to see the world and evolve more as a person.

Fans that have heard the Ludaverses mix tape may be getting a last glimpse of the Ludacris that they used to know. Ludacris appears to have really matured greatly.